What we stand for

Educational Equality was established to provide supportive, frank and independent information for families of those with special educational needs. We understand that the education system can seem elitist, adversarial and baffling when you are trying to discover why your child is having difficulties; and to gain the correct educational environment, staff and therapies for them. We operate an equal opportunities, means - tested service. For general information about the SEN System see our EHCP Guide below.

What we do

With our extensive experience in all aspects of gaining special educational needs provision; we can advise on SEN Legislation, processes and strategy and suggest suitable assessments from professional therapists and/or educational psychologists. They should have expert witness experience and their reports need to be correctly quantified and qualified to provide recommendations for the Statement or Education Health Care Plan. This will help to ensure that your child receives an appropriate education.

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Who we stand for

We work exclusively in the best interests of Families, children and young people (aged up to 25) throughout England and Wales; with the aim of gaining appropriate support to help those with Special Educational Needs to reach their potential. We campaign for equal rights and improved services across the country and bring families together to inform, support and empower them. Struggling? You are not alone!

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